Principle Of LED Filament Bulb

As the mainstream lighting equipment, LED filament bulbs are basically available in every household. Many people are curious about how LED filament lamps emit light. Therefore, today I will give you a popular science about the principle of LED filament bulbs. It will satisfy everyone’s curiosity and give everyone Popularize the knowledge of LED filament bulbs.

First of all, if the temperature is too high, the filament is easily oxidized in the air, so the LED filament bulb must be isolated from the air to work, that is, the bulb can be vacuumed or filled with inert gas such as nitrogen that does not react with the filament. Generally speaking, the bulb power of 40W and below is a vacuum LED filament bulb, and the power of 40W and above is a gas-filled bulb.

Secondly, the LED filament lamp is made according to the principle of thermal radiation. It relies on current to heat the filament to incandescent temperature, and the light source that radiates visible light. The filament is the main part of the LED filament bulb. If the filament is broken, the bulb will be broken.

Furthermore, the filling gas of the LED filament lamp is a mixed gas of argon and nitrogen. The purpose of charging in the LED filament bulb is to reduce the evaporation of tungsten. Because tungsten encounters inert gas obstruction during the evaporation process, some tungsten particles will fold back to the filament. In this way, the evaporation of tungsten can be reduced, and the working temperature of the filament can be increased accordingly, the luminous efficacy of the LED filament bulb can be improved, and the life of the LED filament bulb can be prolonged.

After reading the above content, everyone must have understood the principle of LED filament bulb. If you want to know more related information, you can enter Jiangmen Cow Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd. to search. We will wholeheartedly provide you with reasonable solution.

LED Filament Bulb Manufacturing Process

At present, the production technology of led filament bulb is constantly developing, and the performance of filament bulbs gradually meets the lighting needs of consumers. What is the led filament bulb manufacturing process? Let me talk about the production and processing steps of led filament lamps.

1. Cleaning: Use ultrasonic to clean the PCB or LED filament bulb bracket and dry it.

2. Mounting: After preparing the electrode at the bottom of the LED die (large wafer) with silver glue, expand it, and place the expanded die (large wafer) on the piercing crystal table, and use a piercing pen under the microscope. Installed one by one on the corresponding pads of the PCB or LED filament bulb holder, and then sintered to cure the silver glue.

3. Pressure welding: Use an aluminum wire or gold wire welding machine to connect the electrode to the LED die as a lead for current injection. The LED filament bulb is directly mounted on the PCB, generally using an aluminum wire welding machine. (A gold wire welding machine is required to make white light TOP-LED)

4. Packaging: The LED die and the bonding wires are protected with epoxy by dispensing glue. Dispensing glue on the PCB has strict requirements on the shape of the glue after curing, which is directly related to the brightness of the finished backlight. This process will also take on the task of phosphor (white light LED filament bulb).

5. Soldering: If the backlight is SMD-LED or other packaged LED filament bulbs, the LED needs to be soldered to the PCB board before the assembly process.

6. Film cutting: use a punch to die-cut various diffusion films and reflective films required by the backlight.

7. Assembly: According to the drawing requirements, manually install the various materials of the backlight in the correct position. Finally, it is made into an LED filament bulb.

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crystal chandelier pros and selection guide

When it comes to decorating in the family, we know that the chandelier is more important, because we know that there are bright chandeliers and lanterns which can not only make our life, but also can increase the beautiful degree of the bedroom decoration, so a lot of time in chandeliers and lanterns of choose and buy, there are a lot of owner are attentively, so how about crystal chandelier? 

Now EME chandelier factory is going to introduce to you how to choose about the crystal chandelier and the pros and cons of crystal chandeliers.

How to choose crystal chandelier?

Crystal chandelier

 choice should be factored in the following 3 respects

1) consider bedroom structure, style: no matter the building is low, the adornment of room interval, smallpox beam and distribution, interior design style, etc., it is the factor that should consider when choosing and installation of crystal chandelier.

2) To consider lighting area: generally, the lighting area can be measured according to the diameter of the crystal chandelier or the watt of the bulb. General crystal chandelier serves as indoor advocate illuminant, a few other crystal chandeliers will produce the effect. At the same time in the choice of light source, buyer should pay attention to the light source of low carbon environmental protection, such as new high power LED crystal chandelier, which is a good choice for green home.

3) consider the style of crystal chandeliers and lanterns: what everybody decorates commonly is contemporary Chinese style, so when choosing crystal chandelier, you can choose structure contracted, fashionable contemporary crystal chandelier. At the same time simple crystal chandelier is very convenient in post period maintenance, scrub process.

Crystal chandelier selection method

1) Brand logo: the quality and price of crystal chandeliers of different brands will vary greatly. Some famous brand is to assure its quality, in case chandelier can be mixed by fish eye bead, engraved on the face of each crystal adornment brand mark.

2) Regular crystal pendant specifications: whether the pendant specifications of the crystal chandelier are unified matters a lot. If imitation crystal chandelier pendant hole is not up to standard, not only will it affect the appearance, but also easy to crack.

3) Choose gold-plated support: At present, the styles of crystal chandeliers and lanterns on the market are mostly composed of gold-plated metal support, PVC support, acrylic support and glass support with crystal pendant. The strength of gold-plated metal support is enough to bear crystal pendant, and the luster is more gorgeous. It won’t change color or rust for years.

Advantages of crystal chandelier

It is modern in appearance, good light transmittance, crystal clear, high temperature resistance. Unique style, beautiful shape, low cost, beautiful color, good texture, class, long use time, not easy to oxidize color, good mechanical properties at room temperature, wear resistance, polishing effect is exquisite, smooth surface.

Now the crystalline light of lighting on the market to sell a few less, hundreds of yuan, many thousands or even tens of thousands of yuan, let a lot of like consumers want to buy is formidable, compared with the same type of lamps and lanterns, crystal lamp is the price of the other one or a few times, well now the crystalline light of prices have already started slowly down, or general boss name can’t afford to buy ah, so for the average family is one of the more noble lamps and lanterns should be crystal lamp.

Above the EME lighting factory to introduce the choose how about crystal chandelier, crystal droplight of the advantages and disadvantages of the related issues, for this problem we should have some understanding, we know the crystal droplight is more important when we choose, because crystal droplight not only beautiful, but also be more comfortable in using, so a lot of people to choose and buy, we also want to learn skills of choose and buy of course.

Disadvantages of crystal chandelier

The difficulty of cleaning is one of the disadvantages of crystal lamps. Yeah, again gorgeous things are dirty, especially like crystal lamp, crystal clear, glittering jewelry, but also easy to get dirty, hard for its cleaning and maintenance, or it is very ugly, seriously affected its beautiful appearance, the sitting room of general crystal lamp is more than 100 less, more than several hundred, if one by one down to clean that is very troublesome, especially on the hanger is high and heavy, cleaning a crystal lamp over at least two people.

 Its dazzling light has an effect on the child’s strength. Crystal chandelier can refract the lamplight that gives luxuriant should be the important reason that a lot of people like crystal chandelier

, but such lamplight also can have inappropriate time. For example, in the family of a newborn baby, if the light is too bright, it will not be good for the eyes, and it will affect the visual development of the newborn baby more. At the same time, we should not read the newspaper or study near the crystal lamp, because its refraction of the light is very dazzling. The good news is that there are many crystal lights that can be tuned in a variety of ways, some with several sections, which can also reduce eye damage. 

This article is from EME lighting factory specialized in custom chandeliers, more info, stay tuned.

Home life, starting from “lights”-floor standing lamps

Soft decoration design is becoming more and more diversified, and lighting is an indispensable content in soft decoration design. Although it looks small, its function is very important. The floor standing lamp is the most necessary in the entire home. The artistic design makes it more like an ornament. Let’s talk about the silent companion of the “floor standing lamps” with us today!

What are the functions of the floor lamp?

1. Local lighting: floor standing lamps are often used as local lighting, not comprehensive, but emphasize the convenience of movement, which is very practical for creating a corner atmosphere. If the lighting method of the floor lamp is direct downward projection, it is suitable for activities that require concentration such as reading. If it is indirect lighting, the overall light change can be adjusted.

2. Beautiful and fashionable: The cover of the floor lamp should be concise, elegant and decorative. At present, the cylindrical cover is more popular, and the lantern shape and lantern shape are also more used. Some people like to make their own covers, like large lampshades made from white film and paintings, which are very interesting.

3. Easy to match: the stand of the floor lamp is mostly made of metal, rotating wood or natural materials.

4. Home decoration: floor standing lamps are generally arranged in the living room and rest area, and used in conjunction with sofas and coffee tables to meet the needs of local lighting in the room and decorative home environment.

Where should the floor lamp be placed?

living room

As the local lighting of the home, it has a movable aspect and is very practical for creating an atmosphere. It is often placed in a corner of the living room, quietly waiting for the return of the family.


The source of the quality of life comes from creativity, creating a warm space atmosphere, allowing a lazy atmosphere to permeate the entire bedroom space, a simple line and embellishment is also a manifestation of temperament beauty.

The placement and maintenance of floor standing lamps

Floor standing lamps are generally placed in the lounge area of the living room, in conjunction with sofas and coffee tables, to meet the lighting needs of the area on the one hand, and form a specific environmental atmosphere on the other hand. Generally, floor standing lamps should not be placed near tall furniture or in areas that hinder activities. In addition, in the bedroom, floor standing lamps can also come in handy. For example, when a reporter saw a model room, the bedroom used a ceiling lamp to form a warm light environment.

Most floor standing lamps have a cover, and cylindrical covers are generally more popular. The brackets of floor standing lamps are mostly made of metal and wood. It should also be noted that the selection or production of the bracket and the base must be matched with the lampshade, and there should be no sense of imbalance in the proportions of “little people wearing big hats” or “small people wearing small hats”.

floor standing lamps are the easiest part of the decoration of home lighting. It can not only act as the main light of a small area, but also can coordinate with the change of the light environment through the difference of illuminance and other indoor light sources. At the same time, the floor lamp can also become a good indoor decoration with its unique appearance. Therefore, choosing a beautiful and practical floor lamp is a basic task when decorating home lighting.

The key step in the maintenance of floor standing lamps is to prevent moisture. Whether it is placed in the living room, or the lighting in the bathroom, bathroom, and the kitchen stove, you must install a moisture-proof lampshade to prevent moisture intrusion, causing rust damage or leakage short circuits.

When cleaning and maintenance, disconnect the power supply first. At the same time, be careful not to change the structure of the lighting, and do not change the parts of the lighting casually. After the cleaning and maintenance, the lighting should be installed as it is, and do not miss or install the lighting parts. Parts to avoid danger.

The wiping of lighting is divided into several situations:

1. For normal cleaning, use a clean feather duster to gently dust off. Be very careful.

2. If it is a non-metal floor lamp, you can wipe it clean with a damp cloth. Be careful not to wipe the power cord.

3. If it is a metal lamp, wipe it with a dry cloth, never get wet.

When using lighting, try not to switch frequently, because the current through the filament is greater than the current during normal operation when the lighting is frequently started, which makes the temperature of the filament rise sharply and accelerate sublimation, which will greatly reduce its service life. One point to pay attention to in all lighting maintenance.

How to choose a floor standing lamp

一. What is a floor lamp

Floor standing lamps are called floor standing lamps in English. floor standing lamps are generally composed of brackets, lampshades, and light sources. The bracket or base is matched with the lampshade, and the light source is halogen lamp, energy saving lamp, LED, etc. The commonly used light source is LED.

二.Several reasons to buy floor standing lamps

The floor lamp is easy to move, colorful, tall and straight, or graceful, with a unique decorative effect. It can be used as auxiliary lighting in the living room and bedroom, and can also be used in the study room for reading.

The floor lamp is used as a local lighting, and is often used with desks, single chairs, sofas, and TV cabinets. It looks tasteful and fashionable. As a sofa companion, it is often used in the reception area.

floor standing lamps are masters of atmosphere creation!

Compared with desk lamps, floor standing lamps illuminate a wider area. For example, the illuminated area needed to practice piano is wider, and it is more suitable to use floor standing lamps.

When there is no main lamp design, the roof is relatively dark, and the semi-direct lighting floor lamp is used to achieve the effect of light balance.

三.how to choose a floor lamp

1. According to style

(1) Chinese classical style

The lamp holder is mainly made of bamboo and wood, and the lampshade is mainly made of various Chinese characteristic flannel and silk yarns, with Chinese elements such as flowers, birds, and ink. The shape is fashionable and dignified, and the light is soft.

(2) Modern and fashionable

Modern and fashionable floor standing lamps are mostly made of metal elements, and the shades are mostly solid colors, such as black, gray, simple and fashionable. Or the shape is unique and modern.

(3) Nordic style

The Nordic style mostly uses some natural materials, and most of them are relatively simple, without various patterns and patterns, pursuing natural and practical. The Nordic style floor lamp will make people have a strong sense of exoticism, as if being in a foreign country.

2. According to the light type

(1) Omnidirectional diffusion type: no lampshade

(2) Direct illumination:

The light shines directly on the target area, which is similar to the function of a desk lamp. It is often used as area lighting and can be used for reading, reading, and newspaper reading.

(3) Semi-direct illumination

Both omnidirectional diffusion and direct illumination characteristics

When the downlight is used alone for the design without the main light, the ceiling will be relatively dark. You can try to use this semi-direct illuminated floor lamp to make the overall light appear more uniform

(4) Top-illuminated

Top-illumination is a kind of indirect lighting. The light from the light source is projected upward to the ceiling and then reflected back. This kind of reflected light is a kind of diffuse reflection, soft light and strong atmosphere. But pay attention to the brightness projected upwards, and avoid over-illuminating the top of the ceiling, causing disharmony.

When choosing between Chinese style, modern style, Nordic style, top-illuminated style or direct-illuminated style, pay attention to the color, style and surrounding space collocation, your hobbies, use scenes, etc. to determine the basic style.

In addition, when choosing lamps and lanterns, also pay attention to the following aspects

1. Optical Design

(1) Illumination uniformity: illuminance level

The illuminance of the floor lamp should be above the national standard A level, and the illuminance and uniformity of illuminance meet the requirements of general lighting reading. The floor lamp illuminates a larger area and a wider space, which is suitable for a larger range of lighting.

(2) Illumination of floor lamp: glare and strobe

Pay attention to no video flicker, and no discomfort such as dizziness under the light, which means that the glare problem of the lamp can be dealt with.

(3) Color temperature

If it is used for lighting purposes such as reading, a color temperature of 4000k is generally selected. If it is used to adjust the atmosphere, a color temperature of 3000-3500k is generally used.

(4) Anti-blue light level, etc.

 The anti-blue light level only needs to reach the specified standard, and the general requirement is above RO0.

2. Material workmanship, structure and electrical characteristics

Some floor standing lamps are made of metal, some are turned wood, and some are made of natural materials or plastics. The lampshade is generally fabric or PVC. The design sense of the floor lamp is usually very strong, making the whole lamp effect more high-end. The structural design of the floor lamp will affect its stability, optical characteristics and heat dissipation performance. So when choosing a floor lamp, pay attention to its stability. In addition, whether the light of the floor lamp is designed to be anti-glare, that is, if people are within the illumination range of the floor lamp, there is no discomfort. There is also the heat dissipation problem of the light-emitting part of the floor lamp, and poor heat dissipation treatment will affect the service life of the lamp.

3. Maintenance

The current light source of floor standing lamps is generally LED light source. Although LED is more energy-efficient than incandescent lamps and other light sources, when electric energy is converted into light energy, part of it is still converted into heat energy. Although it does not generate much heat, the light-emitting principle of LED light source is to use The LED chip emits light, and the chip is afraid of heat. Heat will cause the junction temperature of the chip to increase, which will cause the luminous flux to decrease. If the luminous flux is only 70% of the original, it means that the life of the LED has expired. This leads to a shorter life of LED lamps. Therefore, LED lamps consider heat dissipation from the inside of the chip, mainly using good chip bonding materials with high thermal conductivity, and mainly using good heat dissipation materials and heat dissipation structure design from the outside. Therefore, the floor lamp should be maintained well, and the place where the floor lamp is placed should be conducive to heat dissipation.

The lampshade of the floor lamp is easy to be contaminated with dust, so if you are afraid of trouble, you can choose the easy-to-clean plastic lampshade instead of the hollowed-out lampshade. floor standing lamps should be wiped and maintained frequently to keep them beautiful and prolong their service life. In addition, those who purchase lamps should pay attention to how long the warranty period is.

4. Security

The floor lamp is stable by the base, and it may move frequently. So be sure to choose a more stable base. This is safer to use. Are there relevant certifications? floor standing lamps are within the scope of 3C certification, so they must have 3C certification. Some lamps have also undergone vibration tests, salt spray tests and so on. The more certifications, the more guarantees the product has.


Are there any services following cheap scaffolding setup?

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Point scaffolding export destinations

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stage scaffolding exporters in China

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What is the price of stage scaffolding?

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