How to Extend the Service Life of Integrated Solar Street Light

The program scope of integrated solar street light is extending more and more broadly. Whether countryside or city, many projects chose to utilize the incorporated solar street light. It won’t cause environmental pollution, because solar power is a sort of green renewable resources. As long as a solar panel may absorb energy in the sun, the solar battery could convert solar power to electric to discharging. Such a convenient incorporated solar street light can help you to save on your electricity costs and may decrease environmental pollution. So, the way to prolong the service life of integrated solar street light?

1. Heat Dissipation Capability

Traditional solar street lights often break down due to lousy heating dissipation,. The two parts of solar street lighting demand the superb heat dissipation: 1. lighting fixture 2. Battery. Integrated solar street lights normally use LED lamp heads. We should purchase the lamps with amazing heat-sinking capability for enhancing the service life of the LED lamp beads. Beside the headed lamp beads, the solar panel is the center of solar power. If the battery proves short-lived, then the integrated solar street lighting will short in support life also. In general, the lithium battery with aluminum-magnesium alloy casing gets the best cooling effect, long distance, fast heating dissipation, quality is guaranteed!

2. The Ideal Storage Battery

Solar storage battery is also quite important. In case the storage voltage is either unstable or was at the charging and releasing situation, this sort of solar storage battery is surely a short service life. Generally a more stable solar storage’s cost will be greater, but it may be utilized for a long time. Now, the market has a brand new solar panel with BMS Management system, which users could regulate the battery and check the battery position by cellular phone.

3.An Appropriate Integrated Solar Street Light Charge Controller

Solar charge controller is a real significant part solar street lighting. It’d probably be best to pick an industry with good standing to purchase the qualifying controls, rather than try and have things on the cheap.

4.Anti-theft Security

However wonderful integrated solar street lights have been how long service lifetime, but when it was stolen, all of the other are empty. So we must make good preparation on the first stage if you would like to minimize the losses.

The Basics and Benefits of Solar LED Lighting

There has been a favorite tendency of”going green” round the entire world together with changes in energy usage due to the encroaching gas crisis. The growth of electrical automobiles, self-sustainable health clubs, enormous solar selection farms, along with other green applications of electricity are pushing back the power crisis, however there is still a very long way to go. Fossil fuels now include 80% of the planet’s energy applications, and that amount is anticipated to fall to 78% by 2040. Among the largest drains into our present energy source, believe it or notare general utilities. To determine energy conservation advancement in our towns, it is essential for town officials to use renewable energy systems every manner possible. There are a great deal of issues with renewable energy technologies, nevertheless, and rightfully so.

The fantastic thing is that a whole lot of these concerns boil down to an issue of understanding. Approaches of switching to solar energy can at times be more costly upfront, however, the long term savings will be worth the expense. 1 way of moving green for towns, municipalities, and businesses is shifting their outside lighting. Street light price can be too high, if you don’t consider among the very cost-efficient lighting alternatives now: a solar street lighting.

We will tackle the issue on everyone’s mind: how far can a solar street lighting price? You may expect to cover about 50 percent more to get a solar street lighting over more conventional techniques. Therefore, in case you cover #2,300 to get a high heeled sodium mild, expect to cover roughly #3,470 for solar LED light. However, as before, it is an issue of understanding and possibly misdirection. Businesses offering conventional lighting methods do not want to say the maximum cost variable for installation-trenching. Street light prices for conventional lighting are really cheaper, however, the cost to receive a high heeled sodium light completely installed may tack on surplus costs. It costs more than 23,000 into trench and cable for a method of just five lights. Additionally, another wonderful cost advantage of solar LED light would be that there is no price for utilizing energy! The exact same conventional 10-light system may drain #3,000 within the duration of five decades. So the advantages of solar power may be upfront in addition to long-term.

Earning Green from Moving Green

For 2019, there is a solar charge available for companies buying solar LED light! Right now, the tax charge is a whopping 30% yield of the entire purchase price to get a solar light system. So, let us say you would like to purchase a solar street lighting system of ten lighting. With every mild in 3,470, that is a total of 34,700. A 30% yield on the machine stinks #10,410. On top of saving cash from trenching and no energy usage, you still get cash, decreasing the total additional. The 30% just lasts till the end of 2019–it’ll decrease over time.

Changing to solar is not the very first idea which comes to head with green initiatives. We are aware that lots of newcomers to green power are worried about just how much electricity a solar panel may create. The very best solar panels available on the industry today are monocrystalline panels. Couple them using LED lights and you have created an extremely efficient solar panel using an extremely efficient lighting fixture that will last on a week with no sunlight exposure. Light systems in mostly unethical and muddy regions are outfitted with beefier batteries, therefore there is no probability of running out of electricity if the sun does not shine.

A Planet of Versatility at a Light

Why is these bulbs exceptional to many is that their flexibility. Do town regulations stop you from digging? Is the dirt on your job place much too silty for rod installation? Are train paths pushing your invoice prices into the unmanageable land? Solar LED lighting may be placed almost anywhere. In case you’ve got a construction job and want temporary road lights set to maintain work going night and day, these solar lighting have been effective at this job. A number can be transferred via forklift or two individuals. If you are in a rural region with no access to grid electricity, then these lights are great for early morning job and late-night diversion. Rest assured that in which there is sunshine, you are able to run these lights.


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What are the operating conditions of the uv sterilizer?

Uv sterilizer with its extensive sterilization, no secondary pollution, affordable and other advantages, in public health, kitchen cleaning, water treatment and other fields has a broad application prospect, if you want to use a good uv sterilizer, it must meet the following conditions of use.

Uv sterilizer best use conditions

(1) water temperature: 5℃~50℃; Ambient temperature: -5℃~50℃; Ambient relative humidity: not greater than 93% (at temperature 25℃)

(2) voltage: alternating current 220V±10V, 50Hz.

(3) drinking water: transmittance of 1cm (T254) of the water entering the treatment equipment: 95%~100%; When the original water quality is lower than the national drinking water standard (e.g., the chroma is higher than 15 degrees, the turbidity is higher than 5 degrees, and the iron content is higher than 0.3 mg/l), other purification and filtration methods are adopted first, and the purification is made up to the standard, and then purified with the ultraviolet C water quality treatment equipment.

(4) aquaculture water: fresh water and seawater filtered by sand filtration or other treatment.

(5) sewage: transmittance (T254) of 1cm into the water quality of treatment equipment according to sterilization requirements: ≥40%; Other requirements to meet the national “comprehensive sewage discharge standards” gb8978-1996 in the secondary standards.

(6) the water to be treated, if the quality of the water cannot meet the above requirements, should first go through the appropriate pretreatment, such as flocculation, precipitation, filtration and other methods to remove all kinds of impurities in the water.

Maintenance of uv sterilizer

(1) check regularly to ensure the normal operation of uv lamp.

(2) after continuous use of 9000 hours or one year, the uv lamp should be replaced to ensure high bactericidal rate. Please pay special attention to the ultraviolet light should continue in the open state, because repeatedly on, off will seriously affect the lamp tube service life.

(3) replace the ultraviolet lamp tube, the lamp socket will be removed, take out the ultraviolet lamp tube. When replacing new lamp tube, notice do not touch the quartz glass of new lamp tube with finger, because blemish can affect antiseptic lamplight, put lamp tube into stainless steel antiseptic carefully at the same time

(4) if there is a hardness (calcium or magnesium), iron or manganese in the water, then the quartz tube needs to be cleaned regularly. After cleaning the quartz tube, please wear special plastic gloves and load the quartz tube into the reactor carefully. After loading the sealing ring, please check whether there is any leakage phenomenon and plug it into the power supply to ensure the detection lamp gives off stable light. Note:

Ultraviolet (uv) light has strong power to the bacteria, also has certain harm to human body, the most vulnerable parts of the body is the eye of the cornea, so at any time, not with the eyes look light up the lamp, in order to avoid injury, one thousand must see, application of common glass (glasses) or transparent plastic film, as a protective mask. Never use quartz glass by mistake, because ordinary glass is almost completely impermeable to ultraviolet light. Once injured, do not panic, facial burns, a few days after the skin off, and heal. It takes about three or four days for the eye to heal. In any case, it is still advisable to seek medical advice immediately in case of injury.

The use effect of uv sterilizer

· in seawater, fresh water or other water treated by ultraviolet water disinfection system, the rate of various viruses and bacteria can reach over 99.99%.

· under the premise that the removal rate of viruses and bacteria in the water is over 99.99%, the cost of water treatment per ton is from 4 per cent to 1 cent RMB (depending on the degree of cleanliness of the water).

· improve seawater and fresh water seedling breeding, and the survival rate of breeding is more than 50% up to now (depending on the survival rate without disinfection)

· accelerate the growth rate of breeding population.

· improve the overall health level of the breeding population, and cultivate healthy seedlings and healthy adults.

· on the premise of not changing the original ingredients, taste and color of all kinds of drinks and other liquid food, the removal rate of diseases, bacteria and other diseases can reach more than 99.99%.

· disinfection of swimming pool water before the use of ultraviolet disinfection treatment, chlorine content in the water can be reduced to 0.5 mg/l to remove viruses, bacteria rate of 99.99%.

· the corresponding water terminal is sterilized with ultraviolet, which can meet the standard of direct application of water.

· for disinfection of urban sewage, the total amount of bacteria decreased to less than 200 /100ml, and less than 20 /100ml of escherichia coli.

Ssu whole smart lighting control systems-FOUNTAINE PAJOT France

what is smart lighting control systems?

Ssu whole smart lighting control system as a set of intelligent interconnection system mainly based on intelligent lighting and supplemented by intelligent control. Among them, the deep digital dimming technology, precise dimming without changing the color rendering index, delicately changing the light changes, making people feel that the brightness of the light is being adjusted.

Product Advantages of wireless home automation system:

1. No need Gateway. All switch has build in WIFI module, remote controller local control and app local control and remote control via 2/3/4G network and WIFI internet.

2. Unique group function. You can divide devices in different kinds or rooms. Turn on/off all the devices in group by one button.

3. Unique scene function. For example, all off scene when you away home, you can press it to turn off all devices.

4. Complete smart home system include: light, curtain, fan, dimmer, socket, AC, TV control, monitoring system.

5. Auto shutdown function: You can set the switch to turn off light at fixed time, for example 5 min, if you forget to turn off the light of garage or bathroom, it will turn off automatically to save energy.

6. Push notification: If you active this function on switch, when the light be turned on, the switch will push notification to your mobile phone, then you can know whether your kids back home or not..

7. Unique dip switch function. One 3 gang switch can be changed into 1/ 2 Gang and Curtain switch, also can change the LED color of Button.

8. Unique voice control function. You can control the switches just by your voice with mobile phone.

9. Mutual-control function,One switch can contrl other. For example, open the bedroom light at the door and shutdown it at the bedside.

10.Support Google home and Amazon Echo.All of our products can support Google home and Amazon Echo,voice control will be more convenient.

whole home lighting automation application:

Fountaine Pajot (Fontainebleau) was founded in 1976 in La Rochelle, France. As the leading manufacturer of catamarans and catamarans in France, it has been a leader in catamarans for nearly 40 years and enjoys a high reputation in the world. The shipyards in Aigrefeuille and La Rochelle are large in scale and mature in operation, ensuring the brand’s leadership in the industry.

Fontainebleau has always been committed to providing customers with supreme honorable services, and incorporating environmental protection concepts into boat manufacturing, leading the industry’s new fashion. Its catamaran sailing boats and catamaran powerboat series are all novel in design, complete in models and sophisticated in craftsmanship, and are deeply loved by consumers.

Finally came the moment of the journey, met a sunny and friendly morning, you put on your bikini covered with body oil, lying on the deck intending to take a comfortable sunbathing. At this time, your boyfriend of Lai bed asked you to help him … open the curtain? TV? ? ?

It must have been a battle of words.

Then I followed Super yacht today, but just invested in a complete intelligent control system before the ship left the port to solve the above problems and easily enjoy the intelligent life at sea.

Want to watch TV? “Small Su”, a massive TV code library, available on call

At the moment of makeup, the lights in the bathroom are too dark? A small “Su”, the light moves with your heart, and the brightness of the light can be adjusted freely

Just waking up, want to bask in the sun but don’t want to move? A small “Su”, no need to get up, to be a smart light controller

But the installation of an smart lighting control systems on a yacht is very different from a house on the ground. The walls and ceiling on the yacht are all slab structures, and it is not possible to dig holes in the walls. If you want to route inside the wall, you need to remove all the layers. I am afraid that you have to uninstall thousands of screws. The smart yacht chose Ssu whole house Lighting Intelligent Control System, which is a versatile office / home WIFI lighting control system that supports two local area network and WiFi Internet network connection methods, which can be automatically switched according to needs; at the same time, it can be globally remote Control, the control is no longer troubled by the distance; the installation and operation are simple, and there is no need for wiring, and a call can make life on the ship smarter.

Ssu whole home lighting control system as a set of smart home lighting control mainly based on intelligent lighting and supplemented by smart home controller. The yacht chose constant voltage receiver to control indoor light belt and constant current receiver to control indoor downlight to achieve depth The light range meets the diverse requirements for light intensity in different areas of the yacht.

Among them, the deep digital dimming technology, precise led dimming without changing the color rendering index, delicately changing the light changes, making people feel that the brightness of the light is being adjusted.

In addition to taking pictures on the yacht, this system also has a non-stroboscopic led dimming technology, allowing you to take a variety of cute and sexy photos and high-speed slow-motion photography under various LED lighting brightness without ripples At the same time, no flicker makes people more comfortable and reduces the occurrence of seasickness.

smart home automation system product pictures:


The Way to Find a Floor Lamp for Your Style

Floor lamps are the jewellery of a room. They could tie the whole appearance of a room together. Functional and beautiful, bright and different, a floor lamp is really a fantastic poster child for that which we enjoy most about our room. From traditional to modern, let us look at a couple of techniques to locate a floor lamp (or 3!) That shows off your inner design.


If you adore the expression of a minimalist area, modern style floor lamps will be the thing to do. They are sleek and compact, giving your room a feeling of airiness. Avoid bright colours and heavy information and instead concentrate on bits with sophisticated metallic finishes and ultra-modern contours.

While much less is more in respect to slippery spaces, so it does not signify your lighting has to be wholly stark. Try out a lovely geometric floor lamp which adds curves into a room with a great deal of linear particulars, or a shiny lamp which will glow from a textured colour palette.


Traditional distances are not more or less taking a cue in the past–they are also about adding hospitality and warmth to your house. Floor lamps are all excellent in conventional spaces, particularly whenever you’re looking to put in a bold decorative part. Start looking for pronounced foundations with fairly information, or ones embracing more conventional finishes such as rubbed antique brass or bronze.

Pair those foundations with fluted or curved shades to get a curved and traditional appearance. Not all lamps will need to be as complicated as a candelabra to operate within a conventional area –something such as this fluted classic bronze lamp is a timeless selection for bettering a comfy living space or bedroom.


Not really conventional, not very modern? Input the darkened unique floor lamp, that unites the very best of both worlds. The pairing of components from contemporary and classic design provides antique floor lamps a opportunity to excel in just about any room.

Have a slick, classy lamp base and blend it with one eye detail or complete with a modern shade. This floor lamp, with its compact colour and chic multicolored detailing, combines contemporary and traditional elements without being overly cool.

Are you really contemporary, transitional or traditional? Or does your design property in a different bucket? We’d really like to learn more about the way you discover the ideal and unique floor lamp to the own style!

How Do I Choose the Right Lamp Shade?

How do you choose the right lamp shade? Picking the perfect shade for your table or floor lamp is all about scale, style, and supporting your lamp base. So it has to fit the place and occasion, complement without overwhelming, and draw just enough attention to be noticed. While it may be intimidating, learning how to measure a lamp for a shade will guarantee the perfect outcome. Follow our guidelines so you can feel confident in your choice.

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Flatter the lamp base

The first thing you do when you’re trying to choose the right lamp shade is to look at your lamp. What’s the general shape?

  • If your base is round, then a round shade usually works best.
  • A square or angular silhouette tends to look better with a square shade.

Of course, there are always exceptions to any decorating rule – candlestick lamps, with their combination of curves and angles, can handle just about any shape. And, if your lamp is square and your table is round, a round shade can complement both.

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Measure lamp for shade size

So now that you know your Lamp base shape, it’s time to grab a tape measure. Here are our guidelines for how to measure a lamp for a shade:

  • Your shade should be about two-thirds the height of your lamp base (give or take an inch).
  • Proportion is the key – too tall and the effect will be top heavy, but too short and your lamp will look out of balance.
  • Just like a slip, you never want your harp to show. So if your lamp sits on a mantel or close to eye level, this is especially important.

To choose the right lamp shade width, measure your lamp base and multiply by two. For a round base, measure straight across; measure diagonally for a square base. The widest part of your shade should be at least a half-inch wider than the widest part of your base on each side.

And when you’re considering width, don’t forget location. So if your lamp is going next to a bed or in a busy hallway, pick a narrower shade to avoid flying elbows.

How to choose the right lamp shade material

Translucent or Opaque?

Well, It all depends on what you want your lamp to do. Translucent shades of sheer fabric, paper or alternative materials are great for reading and adding ambient light to your room.

But Opaque shades of silk, thick parchment or laminated card will direct light in defined, up-and-down beams, perfect for highlighting objects and setting a mood.

Choose smooth, pleats or a shade more daring!

Now we’re talking fashion. Smooth shades say cool, refined and contemporary.  But Pleats are cozier, more traditional and tend to pair well with antiques. And custom details like embroidery, decoupage and paint can transform your lampshade from accessory into a show-stopping focal point.

10 Shortcuts to Choose the right Lamp Shade

  • Round lamp base –Choose a round or hexagonal shade.
  • Square or angular base – Opt for a square shade.
  • Can’t decide on a shape? When in doubt, go empire!
  • Shade height – Your shade should be 2/3 the height of your base.
  • Shade width – Your shade should be twice the width of the base.
  • Pleats say traditional.
  • Smooth leans contemporary.
  • Your lamp neck, harp, and all hardware should be hidden underneath the shade.
  • If you can, take your lamp with you shopping.
  • Mix opposites to make a contemporary statement

How to Style Your Interiors with The Right Pendant Lighting

Like stone glittering overhead, pendant light shines using a statement. They do much more than simply illuminate a dull corner. By choosing your pendant light sensibly, you can add more personality to the room and immediately uplift your own insides. But before leaping to a shopping spree, then consider these hints with you. These notes will steer you on locating the ideal pendant light for every single area of your house.

A lone pendant lighting immediately welcomes you with a suitable, hot welcome. You will feel itthe neighboring glow sends a sign that you are now home, although guests may also feel the compliments as they stroll in the hallway. For more corridors, you might choose to put in a row of similarly constructed pendant lighting for a uniform announcement. Alternately, a characteristic pendant coupled using a linear light may even generate a gorgeous effect in light the region.

Light up your couch or TV room with a magical pendant light. To pick the ideal layout, make your preferred lighting has the exact same colour as the inside’s motif and contour. It’s necessary your pendant lighting shines all visual hyperlinks together rather than distract from it. Pick ones of the easier contour; industrial light requires a step back in the ribbons that are glamorous, but those work great with modern day insides. Our very best choice? Scandinavian-inspired lighting which readily complement urban chic layouts, in addition to minimalist rooms.

Dining Area:

Amp an atmosphere of comfy by installing pendant light right over the dining table. Apart from it creates food positioning (also pickings) simpler, the neighboring glow warms the air and stimulates the desire for eating and bonding. The elevation is among the factors that you need to consider. You would like your pendant light large enough to see under it, but low enough to supply the ideal invoice for your insides.

Place some shine in your kitchen by putting pendant lights right above the kitchen or table. These function as decadent beams into a open-space kitchen and generate a discernible corner particularly in broad places. Hang a huge centrepiece for smaller nooks, and also even a line of lighting to make a visual effect. Ensure your kitchen includes a mix of ambient and task light to create a stunning feeling without overpowering eyes.


Why not? Rather than installing the typical linear lighting on your bathrooms, select a gorgeous, rustic pendant light to meet your insides. A sharp, solid-coloured light for posh baths, or even a vintage-inspired color pendant lamp for both industrial and farmhouse bathrooms.

Say farewell to your bedside lamps; beige lights are carrying over bedrooms, also it is visually wonderful. Settle your pendant lighting in your preferred side of the mattress, and examine your nighttime books with ambient light until you sleep. This offers you the liberty of distance: no longer unwanted tables or floor lamps which can consume up corners of your own space. Install dimmers on your light, in addition to an automated change, and therefore you don’t need to escape the bed to put it off!

Some more things to Remember:

The higher the ceiling, the more the ring lighting ought to be. You wish to showcase the beginning of the space, but at the perfect quantity of height. Be cautious to not set the pendant light too low, or you will risk unnecessary lumps in your mind.

Your necklace should seamlessly blend with your inside’s aesthetic, rather than overpower it. Observe this room’s colors, furniture, shapes and prints.

Smaller distances need one pendant lighting, while larger ones might require a row of a couple of. When setting this up over a desk, ensure the light is 30cm shorter contrary to the diameter of the desk. As you get lively in wearing your jewelry, you might even combine a number of pendant lighting layouts in 1 place and eliminate it.

Commercial lighting design is different from other lighting designs

Commercial building lighting illumination design and other lighting design is different, it is on the basis of the original building construction, through the illumination of light and shade change, color change to highlight the characteristics of building lighting, so the use function of Commercial lighting design must fully adapt the building, according to the structural characteristics of building architecture, with decoration materials, building considering the surrounding environment such as lighting design. 

1. Commercial building lighting illumination image is to show the building at night, to highlight the shape of the building characteristics and functions, and based on the light and shadow for building to reshape a new image with significantly different during the day. Blind imitation of natural light during the day the building sight is not realistic, because do not match the projection direction and the intensity of natural light during the day, natural light to all the year round, from morning till night in continuous change, so good night view lighting can give the building dynamic aesthetic feeling. 

2. We should not only by building up areas with surface brightness, color difference, and highlight the outline of building, we will restore according to the building on the brightness or color adjacent buildings with the surrounding environment and have obvious differences, so as to ensure the integrity of the building lighting and good stereo feeling, sense of space, administrative levels feeling. 

3. Each building has its own unique design style and intention, lighting designers is often through several key parts of the building to reflect lighting intention, therefore, building lighting illumination should also highlight the focus, while guarantee the building brighten the whole lighting effect, as clearly as possible show the characteristics of the key parts of the building structure and adornment detail. 

4. Color light generally has the characteristics of strong feelings, it can greatly strengthen the some kind of mood. To highlight the whole image of the building, commercial buildings and recreational facilities, appropriate USES light color. 

5. Energy saving in lighting design has been an implementing policy. At present, our country in building lighting illumination design has not yet provided a clear power-saving limitation requirements, but in order to save electricity, you should use long life, high photosynthetic efficiency of high quality energy-saving light source, lamps and lanterns and equipment, flexible control scheme to group, which should be adopted according to the holiday peace day lighting control separately. 

6. Commercial Building lighting illumination facilities are generally arranged in the near buildings, some can bring adverse effects to pedestrians or the surrounding environment. Therefore, to ensure safe and reliable electricity facilities, it is disguised as far as possible, and easy to maintenance and management. 

7. Commercial Building lighting illumination mostly with large power and high brightness, high strength gas discharge lamp, lighting lamps and lanterns of the installation position, height and the projection direction is likely to bring light interference and pollution. 

Therefore, above all the points, they should be considered and take appropriate measures to avoid them in the commercial led lighting design. 

The four key technologies of night view street lighting project

How to make the night view street lighting engineering used in the LED lighting lamps and lanterns were satisfied to use the standard of service life and brightness, the LED lighting lamps and lanterns should keep long life and high brightness, the problem to be solved is: power supply, LED light source, cooling, security, four key technologies. 

These key technologies directly decides the degree of quality and durability of rope! 

CHZ Lighting gives you talk about the four key technology. 

1, The first of required power supply is of high efficiency and high efficiency products, hot stability is low, it must be high. 

Usually in power supply some useful isolation and the isolation of two solutions, isolation of large volume, low efficiency, in use, the installation will create many problems, as the isolated product market prospect is big, here we mainly discuss the isolation drive solutions. 

2, LED light source adopts Taiwan ryukyu and cummings patent structure LED light source, its chips are placed in the feet, and heat over silver feet chips directly to the node of tropical, with traditional into products, and traditional patch products in terms of heat dissipation is different, the chip node won’t produce cumulative temperature, thus ensuring the good usability of light source lamp beads, guarantee long life light source lamp beads, low light failure. 

Traditional patch products, although can through the chip of gold thread connection is negative, but also let the heat energy produced is chip, silver, gold wire connected to the thermal and electrical conduction are all from the transmission of money, the accumulation of heat in the long run will directly affect the service life of LED fluorescent tube. 

3, Heat to the introduction of the infrared radiation heat and applied to the fluorescent tube, is an important means of improving the service life of the bulb. 

Considered in heat dissipation, we will LED light source lamp beads, cooling and power of heat to separate each other, so as to ensure the rationality of the heat dissipation. 

There are three kinds of way of heat transfer, convection, conduction and radiation. 

Convection and conduction in a closed environment, the implementation may be small, and the heat by radiation, and is the focus of the fluorescent tube to consider. 

4, Safety, security, here basically said PC flame retardant plastic tubes, because the infrared heat radiation can penetrate the PC tube, then we design considerations LED lights, when using can more considering the safety, use of all plastic physical insulation way, even in the use of isolated power supply can absolutely guarantee the safety of use. 

The development of LED street lighting lamps and lanterns has been quite a long time, from the point of the effect of energy saving and its future application is quite broad, in addition to the energy conservation, the security and the use of long life is that we should be more attention.