the light fantastic – fuller, rosenthal & tipton: beginning with loie fuller in the nineteenth century, dance has pioneered the development of twentieth-century stage lighting.

The combination of light and dance is undoubtedly the combination of the two ideas.

Both through time and space, but also through time and space;

Both are short-lived.

Always changing, never stopping, when the American dancer Loie Fuller (1 852-1 928)

A century ago, red, blue and yellow colored lights were projected on her white silk dress.

Only technical limitations can prevent a more perfect combination. Today, computer technology that makes more and more complex lighting equipment possible can combine artistic imagination with unprecedented expression.

In 1846, the invention of the Arc Light brought the special-effect lights into the theater;

Thomas Edison\’s 1879 incandescent lamps open up experimental areas for lighting design for theaters and dances.

The form of stage lights has been around for centuries, and of course, Jean Rosenthal (1912-69)

The first professional stage lighting designer, in her book, the craft and career of modern stage lighting pioneer Jean Rosenthal, co-published with Lael Wertenbaker (1972)

, Describes the ancient Greek torches, Renaissance candles and gas lamps and other equipment (

The last three of the 19 th century

A variety of theatrical performances.

However, without an incandescent lamp, Fuller could not even begin to blend fabric, movement, and light to replicate the blooming lily, the butterfly that spreads its wings, or the rise and fall of the flame enters the final flicker of a dying ash.

The passionate Parisian called \”La Loie\” Fuller is a toast to Paris at the end of the 19 th century.

She appeared in bed. Jill, hang up.

Artists and writers, and make the risque ballroom an acceptable middle place

Class families should be frequent.

Her ballet is an early light show that explores pop culture and elegant art, as some classical ballet companies do today.

As an artist, she takes herself seriously.

She was valued by painters and sculptors for her stylized natural form.

She also inspired like W. B.

In 1893, he described her as \”artistic intoxication and industrial achievement \”.

Through trial and error, Fuller found that clothing and lighting are part of the dance as well as the dance itself.

The diligent American also has a scientific tendency to host his own laboratory and is respected by the French scientific community for her contribution to light theory.

She was a friend of Curies and refused to lend her RA.

They already found out.

Ethernet danger is justified by sewing into a garment for luminous effects.

In 1896, Fuller went to the United States with her dance, and both her performance and her approach were recorded in the New York Herald.

The first explanation pointed out that Fuller applied for a patent for the dress she painted, and then manipulated it with a bamboo pole, creating a variety of organic effects.

The author also describes Fuller\’s patent plan to light the stage from above, below and around the dancers: \”an ugly dress, when the snake swings back and forth, its surface is completely different from the field of view. . .

There are ten to fifteen bright calcium lamps of different colors shining on it from under the fly, wings and stage.

Then, its thin-film fabric shines like silver or gold, or swings the purple flood under the changing lens of calcium, while the embroidered snake seems to glide on its surface

Increase the speed until the light suddenly goes out and the dancer\’s form of rotation disappears into the field of view.

Nowadays, it is not uncommon to dance a dance that requires five times the light.

Each attracted the attention of the electrician\’s assistant.

In these times, the winding dance. . .

Expensive luxury goods.

They owe their development to their current perfect stage and to Fuller.

\”Cost is not the goal.

She sometimes travels with up to 50 electricians.

Different lights for each operation.

This makes her concert very expensive.

Her fire dance was attracted by a signal from her feet that went to an electrician under the stage, who inserted ice cream of different colors in Fuller\’s reaction to the music.

Mirror and Lantern projector.

Covered with a glass sheet, it is also used to make the effect she wants.

Stubborn and persistent.

She never got away from her goal.

Explore a variety of ways to combine color and movement to create what one might call danse et lumiere, laying the stage for the use and design of dance stage lights.

When Jean Rosenthal enters or creates the field during the Great Depression, the cost is definitely an object, as it is today, and in some cases the stage lights replace the delicate landscape, became the mother of invention.

For example, for George barranchin, Rosenthal replaced the painting background of the diagirev era with the famous blue hallorama, which constituted a large number of the New York City Ballet today.

Nevertheless, when Rosenthal entered the field in 1929, women were not accepted as technicians in the burly back-office world.

\”The only real weapon I have. . .

She wrote: \”knowledge is knowledge in the struggle of acceptance.

Rosenthal knows what she\’s doing just like Fuller.

As early as the 1930 s, Rosenthal, under the guidance of being properly named Stanley mccandice, learned that dancing lamp light was possible at Yale.

Rosenthal, the first resident lighting designer at the Metropolitan Opera House, also designed lighting for many theatrical works, and I feel that if she leaves anything for future generations, that is the area of dance lighting.

\”The light is very tactile to me,\” she wrote . \”.

\”It has shape and size. It has an edge.

It has quality and entity.

For me, without the miracle of creation, there is no point in the rest.

\”Unlike Fuller, Rosenthal is a co-artist working with the star choreographer of her time.

She did some iconic lighting for Balanchine and the oblique axis she created for Graham (

Known affectionately by her as \”Martha\’s hand of God \”)

, Is now so widely used by dance companies of various styles that they have become the standard for lighting plays.

Each dance company has a unique aesthetic for Rosenthal, and the lighting has to be customized to suit it: \”The only common standard of ballet is the requirement of beauty and comfort.

She lit up the pattern in space for barranchin;

It is a form of decoration and narrative for the American Ballet Theater.

From the beginning, she made a huge change in the standard and inflexible lighting methods of European ballet. in Europe, the top 10 feet of the stage space was illuminated to obtain visibility and color changes.

Blue Swan Lake, pink Les Biches

Flat view of the light.

Rosenthal lights up the whole stage and gives the ballet an emotional appeal, depth and personality.

No matter what kind of dance she does, her light changes are related to music and physical impulses.

Her career started when she was 17. year-

Old, she became Graham\’s stage manager.

Forty years later, she designed lighting for Graham\’s old days in 1969, ending it all;

She died of cancer a few weeks after the premiere, aged 50. seven.

Rosenthal\’s work in lighting opera, theater and dance has received many honors, and she is a woman with both vision and practical significance.

In her own words, she forced \”an organization to create a set-

This can do all the different things the company does, whether it\’s tidily or anywhere.

This means flexibility, presentation, and color schemes to work in many emotions.

\”Today, it is Jennifer Tipton who travels the world, strengthens dance and drama production, highlights the interior landscape, and creates the exterior landscape with lighting equipment that has now been greatly improved, in addition to the benefits to modern life, the same is true of computers.

With this advanced technology, Tipton, her contemporaries and the next generation of lighting designers can explore the infinite possibilities of illuminating dance.

Tipton, who is largely a co-artist, says his main responsibility is to \”reveal what\’s there \”.

\”She did this in both classical and contemporary dance.

The lighting she produced for Peter Wright\’s Gisele, performed by the Royal Ballet at the Royal Opera House in London, made the first scene look rural and the atmosphere was full of doom.

Tipton did not green the skin of the wildlife in the second act, but instead used yellow light to make them look like any mannequin in Madame Tussauds.

However, it was in her collaboration with the contemporary choreographer that Tipton succeeded in making light a formal partner for dance, which is more important than making the necessary weather 1993 Times, working with Sara Rudner and Dana Reitz the lights look like they are coming out of the dancer\’s body.

One day in Fuller, one dancer and several electricians achieved this.

At Tipton, all the changes and clues are computerized for very few electricians.

Tipton said: \”The lights on the stage have four different attributes —

Strength, color, angle, and movement.

\”Like Rosenthal, Fuller worked in the theater for a long time in order to achieve her effect, and Tipton carefully planned.

She said, \”I decided where to put what kind of lights, what color to do, and what lights to use on the dimmer.

I work mainly from drawings and I have to imagine what the stage and set look like in real space.

But the real preparation is experienced.

Looking back on a long career, she said, \”The more I look, the more I see and feel —

What happened in a space?

How to feel muscles, form, energy, background and dancers.

\”At Tipton, who once wanted to be an astrophysicist, art and technology met again in the field of lighting design:\” The rigor of lighting design is in line with my scientific background.

Once Rosenthal proudly announces, she can work anywhere with a briefcase designed specifically for blueprints, plans, architect drawings, etc.

But she had to buy an extra ticket to accommodate them.

Today, Lloyd sober, resident lighting designer of Eugene and Atlanta Ballet, lighting ballet works in Estonia, lighting opera in Aspen, and working in a small space anywhere, use a laptop with a modem.

He is part of a generation of lighting designers who are willing to look into the past and build on it as they look to the future.

With the materials at hand, a wide variety of lights and movie projections, sober worked with Tony Pimble, artistic director of the Eugene Ballet to create a compelling Alice in Wonderland, alice fell into the surreal wonderland Lewis Carroll created on the print page, and there was no effect that could not be achieved without lights.

Through cooperation with the Atlanta Ballet, sober was deeply involved in the so-called Atlanta Ballet —

Georgia Tech Dance Project

The project is related to 1996 Olympic Games so that engineers and artists can work together at the national levelof-the-

Art Stage technology.

Georgia Tech\’s textile department is also involved in creating special fabrics with both texture and memory for dancers, as Sauber said, the change of \”deformed\” clothing and computer projection.

These projects break the barriers between art and technology, and in the process there are no barriers to recognizing the combination of creative thinking.

Martha Ullman West is an Oregon Reporter for Dace magazine.

Ready to kill bacteria with this portable uv sterilizer bag?

With this”portable uv sterilizer bag walking disinfection kit”, don’t be afraid of germs and germs!

The Spring Festival vacation is quite exciting when I think about it, have not all of the tickets were reserved?

In regards to going outside, all comrades-in-arms using a baby have a unified worry, in other words, worrying about the health of the baby-afraid of the baby’s illness, it’s really difficult to fight the infant’s illness!

The main culprit causing baby illness is germs! !!

Yesterday’s headline we summed the hardest hit area of ​​bacterial viruses.

The enemy (bacterial virus) has more than a week to reach the battlefield. Are you prepared to win the”strategies” and”equipment” of the conflict?

There are many common disinfection methods:

Like sunlight exposure, disinfectant, and classic mercury lamps, there is still expect at home, but when you go outside, it isn’t easy to use.

Let us see what the far gate must bring.

Not much else, but those are enough for a uv sterilizer bag.

After studying this little friend, are you planning to take out your telephone and silently refund the ticket?

Do not worry, now we urge a string of products that are easy to use.

Home Travel LED Ultraviolet Disinfection Expert “Bright Moon” —-

Moms are aware that the sterilization rate of ultraviolet rays is as high as 99.9 percent, which can kill virtually all bacteria and viruses.

Many public areas, like hospitals and kindergartens, use ultraviolet sterilization.

But, the biggest disadvantage of the standard mercury lamp UV disinfection heritage is that it hurts human eyes and skin. When using it, people and pets need to leave and cannot be exposed to ultraviolet rays.

Family use, accidentally, the germs were not killed, and people were hurt first.

But, the glowing moon show products have successfully broken this deadlock and guaranteed that they have the risks of using it under the assumption of ensuring that the ultraviolet disinfection function.

It’s completely altered the status quo of”Ultraviolet is not difficult to use, but maybe not suitable for everyday use.”

The most crucial one is this LED deep ultraviolet disinfection technology. Don’t underestimate this LED deep ultraviolet. The identical burden of 1g, LED chips are 100 times more expensive than gold. The technology was first applied by the United States SETi firm to aerospace water disinfection.

Take a look at its power:

Exam for Paramecium:

Paramecium (paramecium is bigger, its size is 100-300 times that of bacteria) and put under a microscope. △ The microscope shows that Paramecium is busy.

After turning on the UVC LED disinfection lamp, the motion of Paramecium ceased after 10 seconds.

After studying it, I could not help but sighed and became increasingly more sighed with this high tech technique. In the experiment, it was just the consequence of a lamp bead. Various germs / viruses were passed over to the glowing moon, and all were eliminated.

Under the assumption of guaranteed performance, security is also the very first. The products of this bright moon series have been especially designed in terms of safety.

The sterilization uv sterilizer bag employs a magnetic switch. Following the sterilization lamp is switched on, if the cover is opened, the ultraviolet light will be automatically turned off to guarantee safety.

Initially being hammered, It Is Going to stop instantly when the cover is opened

The concept of the bright moon UV LED lamp disinfection string is to make disinfection as easy as washing your hands, and they have really done it!

Such as this disinfection tote that I feel every family must input.

Can disinfect panties, mothers should have a deep understanding, a number of problems are because of insufficient sanitary care, but underwear every time with disinfectant disinfection, inconvenient and not acceptable for going out.

It is dependent on the sun to capture the hot sun every day.

If it is in the rainy season, the humid environment is more likely to breed germs, therefore a woman and a purse are essential.

Disinfection for 3 minutes ≈ vulnerability for 6 hours, you are able to wear clean and reliable underwear every day!

Usually may also be used as a storage uv sterilizer bag, it’s extremely convenient to go out or in your home!

CC’s small panties, I will throw it in regularly to kill germs, although the kid will not have any gynecological issues, but might wear sterile panties daily, it’s always good for your infant.

Let me introduce this disinfection artifact in detail.

I. Disinfection for 3 minutes ≈ 6 hours in sunlight, and it will be used immediately, no need to operate following the sun

When I got this uv sterilizer bag, I was amazed by CC through the whole operation.

In the press of a button, glowing moon moments are finished.

Place CC clothes, water bottles and other items in.

Press the button and it is done in 3 minutes (3 minutes can’t just help to disinfect the water, but also remove the milky smell of the bottle).

Granny CC looked at me with a questioning look.

I nodded, yeah!

The bright moon LED can create ultraviolet rays in the 260nm-280nm band, which directly dismisses bacterial DNA / RNA and completely destroys the bacteria.

The sterilization speed is as high as 99.9 percent. LED ultraviolet rays can practically kill most viruses and bacteria.

There is also a self-test method. The things could be smelled after disinfection, very similar to the sterile smell of sunlight emitted after sunlight exposure. This is the smell created by the germs.

And indeed powerful products endure the test. Lamp beads possess a life of 10,000 hours. If they are used 10 times a day, they can be used for at least 10 decades.

Secondly, bright moon products are outfitted with protective measures, visible security

A lot of people are worried that UV rays can harm the human body. Bright Moon also takes this into consideration, and contains distinct protection measures for different products.

Open Product-Disinfection Stick

It’s the function of automatically closing when flipped and is outfitted with a child lock.

This disinfection rod is especially equipped with child lock protection to stop the baby from accidentally opening it.

Equipped with a gravity sensing apparatus, provided that the sterilizing pole is tilted during the sterilization process, the ultraviolet light will be turned off.

Also comes with UV light protective eyeglasses.

All closed products-sterilization uv sterilizer bags

## Safety is more considerate

The sterilization uv sterilizer bag employs a magnetic switch.

The Hot Mom Academy hosted by Li Weijia was highly recommended in the show. It has even reached a strategic cooperation with the mother-infant retail giant Child King.

Four, an Assortment of products could be chosen, each Item is a high two rhythm

As well as the overall recommendations mentioned above, let’s take a peek at the details of each product and the corresponding functions for the convenience.

Merchandise 1:”Magic Deodorizing Disinfection uv sterilizer bag”

—- Disinfection for underwear, beauty, etc., 1 woman, 1 tote

Product 2:”Magic Deodorizing Sterilization uv sterilizer bag PLUS”

—-Disinfection of toys, clothing, panties, etc..

In fact, the purposes of these two models are the same. The only differences are:

Subsequently the product style is a bit different.

Mothers can consider it .

## Outstanding quality

The sterilization uv sterilizer bag is made by precisely the exact same foundry as the renowned global manufacturer Samsonite. Every detail is exceptional.

## UV Reflective Material

The interior adopts special reflective material for ultraviolet light, which has no dead corners and is fully disinfected. Lightweight and portable, it can be used in the home or at any time.

## The scope is also very wide

Disinfection of girls’ underwear to prevent gynecological problems;

Disinfection of makeup tools to Reduce beauty from becoming disfigured;

May also sterilize baby bottles, toothbrushes, etc., worry about what to remove.

Merchandise 3:”Bright Moon LED Violet Bacteria Disinfection Stick”

–The germs are everywhere, sweeping to prevent damage

This disinfection stick is generally simple to go into the mommy’s uv sterilizer bag without pressure. Why worry about sweeping? no issue!

Toilets, bedding, crawling mats, cribs, pet supplies, pet surroundings… Staying in a distance of 3 centimeters for two minutes and sweeping back and forth, no more worry about the spread of germs, and easily and healthily protect health.

Constructed 2500mAh large-capacity battery can last for 50 minutes, so you don’t need to connect with the electricity, you can scan where you desire.

## A wide range of software

Traveling disinfection: resort toilets, baths, bedding, etc .;

Pet provides disinfection: pet nests, pet mats, etc.;

You can also learn about other little knowledge about UV

This 99.99percent disinfection black technology that eliminates bacteria and viruses is really a”walking disinfection”!

It simplifies the requirement for disinfection at home, allows us to appreciate a sun-like atmosphere in any way times, provides a safe barrier for infants, and prevents cross-infection of germs.

What’s the Difference Between pe coated paper & Waxed Paper Sheets?

Using the right materials when packaging is essential for ensuring that your customers receive your goods with the best possible presentation. You may not think about it, but by using the wrong packaging material you could be inadvertently ruining your products’ appeal.

Two packaging materials that are often confused are pe coated paper and Wax paper, so what’s the difference?

What is Waxed Paper?


As the name suggests, this type of paper has a wax coating. The wax provides a great barrier for preventing grease and moisture from getting through the paper, making it an extremely versatile product for wrapping a wide variety of food stuffs. Some of the most common food-stuffs wrapped in wax paper include:

– Cheese

– Cooked meats

– Sandwiches

– Interleaving cold meats

This material is semi-transparent, allowing food items to be partially visible through the packaging which makes it useful when displaying products. Wax paper can also be safely printed on, as the wax helps to protect the food stuffs from the ink seeping through. One of the biggest selling points for wax paper is that it’s compostable and recyclable, which is great for any company, deli or restaurant trying to decrease their carbon footprint.

What is PE Coated Paper?

PE coated paper is layered with polyethylene, providing a very strong moisture and grease barrier. Unlike wax coated paper, PE can be used for hot purposes as it won’t melt and affect your product. PE coated kraft paper is often used as:

– Fast food wrapping

– Tray liners

– Placements

This type of packaging paper is extremely durable, allowing it to be used for a wide range of applications. You are able to safely print on PE paper, allowing you to give your products aesthetically appealing branding without compromising the product. Similarly to wax coated paper, PE paper can be recycled, but it is not biodegradable. This means that it has a slightly larger carbon footprint than wax paper, but if disposed of correctly can still have a positive impact on the environment.


Pe coated paper or Wax Coated Paper?

Both of these types of packaging have their own individual benefits, making them ideal for their intended purpose but which one do you need? Both are robust and suitable for use with food products and both have a coating that prevents grease and moisture from seeping through.

The main difference between these types of packaging is that waxed paper sheets allow products to breathe, brilliant for preventing cheeses or cold meats from sweating. PE paper is also better suited for wrapping hot, greasy food or being used as a placemat or tray liner in fast food restaurants.

Finding the Right Product for Your Needs

Whether you need pe coated paper, Wax or even greaseproof paper, it is important that you buy the best possible quality for your products. At Charlotte Packaging we over 40 years’ experience in delivering high quality packaging to a wide range of industries with competitive prices and a fast turnaround

If you’re still not entirely sure on the type of material you need or you’d like to discuss your options then contact us or click here. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to help you get the perfect product for your needs.

solar lights for the yard

When you are lighting in the backyard, the last thing you want to do is trip over the extension cord and try to install lights near the socket to plug them in.

However, you won\’t have this problem if you use the solar light.

The Solar light takes energy from the sun, stores it in the internal battery, and then shines brightly throughout the dark night.

With so many options, you can have the solar lights that are safe and beautify your home at a lower cost of electricity while being eco-friendly. It\’s a win win.

If you have steps in the yard, you may want to use the lights that light up when it\’s dark that day.

This will eliminate the feeling around the steps and reduce accidents.

They are also perfect for your steps, with a wide variety of shapes and colors of course.

Also for a path.

Lighting it at night will take the work of guessing out of the equation, and on top of that, it will shine.

The path light can be low to the ground, or it can be placed on a stick, making a beautiful emphasis on the side of the path itself.

They also have a variety of shapes and colors that are a perfect addition to your landscaping.

Do you know that the flag code suggests that you light the flag at night?

Never be afraid, for this purpose, there is a lantern, and now the flag will never look better under the dark sky.

You spend a lot of time and money on landscaping, so why not show off at night?

There are many different solar spotlights on the market that will automatically illuminate your perfect landscape or beautiful trees at night.

You can also implement landscaping lights for the landscape itself throughout the year, during the day or at night.

When there is a light on the deck, it looks very festive and summer.

Now you can get solar string lights that give your deck a good sense of light and comfort, and they also have a variety of popular shapes and colors.

You know this has to happen and now you can get Christmas lights all solar.

You no longer have to figure out the best way to show them when plugged in close to the socket, dangerous and ugly extension lines have gone!

outdoor solar lights – how to find a good local store to buy solar garden lights

Learn which local shops carry outdoor emergency lights. There may be shops near you that carry solar garden lights, or none.

Stores that carry them may include grocery stores, hardware stores, lighting stores, home improvement stores, and more

Purpose or chain store, or solar garden lamp store.

You can also use search engines to search for lighting search terms including your city name, such as \”Los Angeles solar garden lights\” or \”outdoor solar lights in New York City \”.

You can also look for solar garden lights on the local yellow pages, although shops carrying multiple items may not necessarily be listed under outdoor garden lights in the phone book.

Once you find a store selling these lights nearby and find out if the store has the type of lights you are looking for, you need to know if they have the type of solar garden lights you are looking, and whether they are currently in stock.

You can call and ask them what type of solar garden lights they have or search for lights on the website of the store if they have one.

Once you are in the store, you can take a look at the look, size and warranty of the outdoor lights to see if they are the size, the type and look of the lights you are looking.

You can also ask about their warranty, what are the policies and procedures if something goes wrong with the lights for a certain period of time.

Looking for a store that sells high quality outdoor emergency lights if you are already familiar with certain stores, you may already know if they sell high quality products, especially outdoor emergency lights, or, you can get advice from people you know about seeing or buying high-quality solar garden lights locally.

Low price does not necessarily mean good quality or longlasting lights.

In the long run, it may be cheaper to buy good quality solar garden lights than to buy a few cheaper sets of high quality lights every year or two, as they no longer work.

Find a store with multiple products and employees may or may not know about solar garden lights.

Go to a store with employees who have knowledge and help with this type of lights, and also a store with enough staff to help customers who have questions about products such as outdoor solar energy, this is very helpful light.

It is good to ask the store\’s return policy to find a store with a good return policy.

Understand the relevant content of the return policy, for example, if the outdoor lights must not be turned on and unused to return the goods, then how long do you have to return the goods, if in order to return the outdoor lights, you need to keep the receipt, if you can get a full refund or only store credit.

If you keep these things in mind when looking for solar garden lights, you may find some high quality outdoor emergency lights in your local store.

client list for contemporary lighting solutions from astele soars since last quarter 2019 other article from business

West Port, CT, June 03, 2019-last quarter of this year (2019) Astele, a leading supplier of custom luxury furniture in New York, collects contemporary lighting solutions and wins record demand from potential customers in this lively city. Known for maintaining unprecedented grade and unparalleled material quality in every product they launch, the company has injected the same delicate aura in its limited but awesome lighting range, meet the expectations of customers. Other highly appreciated aspects of contemporary lighting in New York, including the NY series provided by Astele, in the past few months, happy customers highlight the use of detail and strict luxury materials in their comments. Most importantly, these materials and manufacturing are designed to last a lifetime, which makes these solutions more attractive to those who really value quality. There are only a few materials like brass, onyx agate, bronze, and marble that are worth mentioning, which gives customers the awe of more. While the luxury business and material advantages of the Astele contemporary lighting series remain unshakable, the company has done its part to make the lights very practical and relevant to today\’s use. New York contemporary LED lighting from Astele is known for its minimal maintenance requirements, ease of installation and maximum energy saving, which increases the cost-effectiveness of each purchase. At present, Astele welcomes the demand from all industries such as residential, business or hotel. About Astele is one of the mist trustworthy suppliers for custom luxury furniture, based in Westport, CT. The company is known for its unique luxury seating arrangements and tables with gorgeous materials such as antique wood, leather, brass, bronze, etc. Astele also boasts an enviable range of contemporary lighting solutions, including outdoor and indoor lighting with superior design and functionality.