How UV Light Works And Why Does Your Ultraviolet Light Keep Beeping?

Contemporary UV lighting for HVAC systems looks like fluorescent lamps typically utilized in commercial office buildings. The two kinds of lamps have similar form and operate using indistinguishable electrochemical processes: a electrical discharge via argon gas strikes mercury vapor to generate a photon with a wavelength of 253.7 nm (typically called UV-C), which is invisible.

Unlike fluorescent lamps, however, UV-C lamps’ glass sheeting is a highly engineered, translucent glass, allowing the 253.7 nm wavelength to carry unfiltered (fluorescent lamps use ordinary glass that’s coated with phosphors on its inside surface).

A typical germicidal ultraviolet light for cooling and heating systems produces about 90% of its energy at the UV-C wavelength. Approximately four percent of its energy is given up as heat, and the remainder (~5% ) is in the visible light range that’s medium blue in colour, which results in the argon gas at the envelope.

The similarities between UV-C lamps and fluorescent lamps give many benefits. Both can be assembled on the same type of machine and at the exact same form factors, decreasing manufacturing, packaging, and transport costs to cancel much higher material prices. They can also be saved and recycled in precisely the exact same method. UV-C lamps are usually warranted to supply more than 80 percent of their first output over a 9,000-hour period.

Trying to conduct UV-C lamps longer than 9,000 hours produces individual lamp outages, therefore maintenance personnel should monitor them regularly to know what to substitute. Replacing lamps as they burn requires a larger stock of replacement lamps for when they begin to fail in larger numbers.

Why Does My UV lighting Maintain Beeping?

Your Own UV or Ultraviolet Disinfection System is beeping because there is something incorrect, so one of these things has put it into alarm.

1) The timer has triggered since it’s been about a year since the lamp has been changed and now it’s time for a brand new one.

3) The lamp burned out or is defective.

4) The controller is defective.

5) You have a monitored system and the sensor has triggered the alarm as your water quality is below the acceptable level.

6) There was a power failure and the ballast triggered the alert once the electricity came back on.

You want to see that the alarm is on for a reason and it perhaps that, if you have a monitored UV system, the alarm is telling you your water has gotten so discoloured or murky the UV will not be able to kill any germs present. Your detector might also be dirty, so check that first.

The next step to do, assuming that your ultraviolet light ballast does not have an LED readout with gesture, would be to push the button on the front of the ultraviolet light ballast to see if this stops the beeping. If it does, it means you are nearing the conclusion of this lamps 9,000 hours or one year of support life and it’s time to replace. This will shut this up for one week, but if you don’t replace the lamp after one week it will begin beeping again to remind you. After one month you won’t be able to stop the beeping if you don’t replace the lamp.

Resetting the timer varies by manufacturer and you can take a look at my other UV videos to show you how you can do it for your own brand. But generally, the ribbon change reminder timer is reset by disconnecting the UV power supply in the AC source, waiting for fifteen minutes and reconnecting to the AC source with all the timer button depressed. You can confirm that it’s reset by pushing and releasing the button and counting the number of times the red indicator light flashes, when it strikes 12 times, that usually means the timer is reset and there are 12 weeks of life left before the lamp needs to be replaced.

Incidentally, if your Excelight or UV Dynamics UV process isn’t in alarm mode once you replace the ribbon you will not have the ability to reset the timer so you need to place it into alarm mode by unplugging the device for 5 minutes, then removing the old lamp, and with all the older lamp removed, plug the ultraviolet light ballast back in until it begins beeping. Then unplug and install the brand new UV lamp and then reset.

Sometimes, following a power failure, you may get beeping, unplug the controller, wait 1 minute and plug it back , if that doesn’t fix it try to reset the ultraviolet light ballast.

Cree sees how many suits it takes to block rival led lightbulbs

Cree Inc. Trying to keep the light of the competition LED bulbs in the United States. As energy becomes more popular Efficient lighting means increased competition in the market and the courts. Kerry filed a complaint in the United States today. S. The International Trade Commission and the Federal Court of Wisconsin have claimed close control over Feit Electric Co. and Taiwan- Based on Unity Optoelectronic Technology Co. , Ltd. Patents for the design and operation of its LED chips, packages and LED bulbs are being infringed. With local utilities and government subsidies to reduce costs, consumers are buying more LED bulbs, even if Congress continues to block the rule of eliminating incandescent lamps by inventor Thomas Edison. Edwin Mok, analyst at Needham & Co, said LED lighting sales grew by about 60% last year and are expected to grow another 34% this yearIt was said in December. 30 report. Greg Merritt, vice president of marketing and public affairs at Cree, said: “Consumers will only buy them if they look and operate the way they expect them . “. “It has to look like a light bulb and work like a light bulb. Cree introduced the first bulb for less than $10, a traditional 60-and 40-watt bulbs. Now, in the competition of large established companies such as GE, the company is trying to maintain its market position. Royal Philips NV and new companies including California’s Pico Riverabased Feit. Unity produces bulbs sold by Feit. In the year ended June 29, sales of Cree increased by 19% to $1. Durham, North Carolina 6 billionbased company. According to Cree’s annual report, LED lighting products have become its largest source of revenue and sales have more than doubled in the past two years. Even as sales rose, shares of Corey fell 48% last year. In the LED market, Mok wrote, sales will rise, while prices will fall as more companies selling “good enough” lighting products enter the market. Shift to a longer period of time Long-lasting LED bulbs have replaced traditional bulbs, causing chaos in the lighting industry. Osram AG cut jobs last year and analysts expect GE to sell its lighting equipment. Except for eight patents — Cree’s ITC complaint also charged Feit and Unity with false and misleading advertising. The U. S. The Environmental Protection Agency requires LED bulbs designed for general purposes such as desk lamps to glow in all directions like incandescent lamps, and are eligible for the voluntary Energy Star certification program. Mr. Kerry said the Feit lights did not meet the requirement, but the company announced it did. “There is a lot of competition in this consumer bulb market,” Merritt said . “. “We are happy with it, but we insist that competition is fair. Or it will damage consumer confidence and damage companies that compete fairly. “The case in Wisconsin involved the same eight patents, as well as two other patents and false advertising claims. Getting the Energy Star label is important for sales; Designated LED bulbs are generally eligible for subsidies from local utilities to reduce costs, so they are the same as traditional bulbs. In Alexandria, Virginia, for example, a non-subsidized LED bulb costs $9. Across the Potomac River in Washington, the same price is only $3. 98, according to the complaint. Corey has been actively enforcing its rights to 4,000 patents. Corey & Honeywell International Limited Last year, they sued each other in cases of thermostats and cockpit displays using backlight. On September, Cree sued its rival, Harvatek. And Cadbury Co. , Ltd. These cases are under trial. The case in the district court is Cree Inc. v. Fete Electric Co. , Ltd. , 15cv22, U. S. District Court of Wisconsin West (Madison). The problem involved in the ITC case is — LED products and their componentsS. Committee on International Trade (Washington).

LED technologies spark innovation in lighting design

The annual International Contemporary Furniture Fair at the Javits Center in New York is an event to showcase cutting-edge design trends and innovations in product design. The overwhelming early reaction to this year’s show was that it was not actually impressive. Grace Bonney, a popular blog Design Sponge, said loudly, “ICFF is to push herself further,” as she expressed displeasure at the lack of anything that made her feel “excited, hopeful, or curious “after attending. Leading experts publicly criticized the downturn in the product Out at this year’s show. However, looking closely, I find that the innovation of lighting design is rich. At present, the rise of lighting design innovation is based on the latest technological progress of LED lighting technology. Warmer- Burning LED light sources with soft diffuse shades paved the way for designers to redesign Think about the form and function of the task and key lighting design. The razor- Thin light sources inspire innovation in pronunciation, providing mission lighting with previously unparalleled range of motion. The incandescent lamp is liberated from the lamp, bringing a lighter, thinner and more agile lighting design. Wastberg, who stood out from this year’s ICFF, has won the award for best lighting editing this year. The Swedish lighting company is innovating and, in addition to the light source of the w101 lamp, the w101 lamp is designed to be Classon covisto Rune. Biodegradable lamps are laminated by a mixture of pulp and starch polymer DuraPulp. Arced shade, together with the energy-efficient LED light source, focuses the light on the working surface without wasting the lighting. Wasterberg praised the award-winning design for their red dot design: “We dare anyone to make more eco-electric lights . “. California lighting designers Peter Stathis and Cerno also released new designs at this year’s fair. Designed by Peter Stathis for JOBY, the trapeze takes the least of the mission lighting to the edge through this counter Balance hinged table lamp. Cerno introduces the version of their Silva lamp, which is bigger than life’s floor lamp. Peter Stathis is a permanent hit for the award for best lighting, and he has formed a collective with JOBY, a well-known consumer product design company, to develop a new LED lighting series. With LED technology, the lighting series has a unique flat panel design and optical light diffusion, achieving a new level of energy efficiency through generous warm light. When Pixar made an animated desk lamp If an animated short film exists, they may choose the trapeze. The soft- Super luminous The thin disk-shaped light source of the Trapeze makes all the previous hinged desk lamps obsolete, and the fluidity and range of motion are greatly improved. ICFF also held design exhibitions around the city, with independent designers presenting their latest design ideas to the media and the industry. The trend of innovative LED lighting solutions is happening not only in the company’s design companies, but also in the acceptance of this technology by many forward-looking designers. Marianne van Ooij introduced the flatlights as part of the break Down: Design in your hands, a Design exhibition presented by StyleFactory, Design Milk and Bobby Burke home. A flat wooden frame creates the classic outline of the lamp, while the space usually reserved for the bulb and lampshade is empty. Two hidden LED light sources provide cascading lighting under the frame. Though live- The edge wooden table with colored metal base may be the old News of ICFF, and the future is bright for LED lighting and designers who are currently redefining lighting categories.

Are LED street lights making drivers sleepy and fat?

If you have been to a hardware store recently, you will know that the biggest problem in the lighting field is no longer compact fluorescent lamps, but LEDs. Cities in the United States have also noticed that they are converting millions of street lights into technology. This seems like a good thing considering the benefits of LEDs. After all, the led is used longer than the CFLs and uses less energy. See also: having the most expensive and cheapest cars, but the American Medical Association is not very excited about the transition. They believe that lights can interfere with our sleep cycle and make us feel tired, depressed and obese. At last week’s annual meeting, AMA drafted a document that made some suggestions for the community to switch to new technologies. Maya A, A member of the board. Babu, M. D. , M. B. A. “Despite the benefits of energy efficiency, some LED lights are harmful when used as street lamps,” he explained. The new AMA guidelines encourage proper attention to optimal design and engineering features when converting to LED lighting to minimize harmful health and environmental impacts “. Detroit is the most dangerous city in the United States. What is the impact? This depends on the type of led used by the community. The worst impact is associated with fixtures that emit a lot of blue light, which can lead to: worse, the impact of the led on drivers and passengers is still there, even if we lock the car indoors — Especially if we have LEDs at home. According to AMA, “a recent large survey found that bright residential night lighting is related to reduced sleep time, discontent with sleep quality, excessive drowsiness, impaired daytime functioning and obesity “. Today, there are about 10% in the United States. S. The street lamp has been switched to LED technology. For the remaining 90%, AMA recommends that the community choose the lowest possible LEDs for Blu-ray emission to reduce glare and minimize the impact on melatonin levels. If you have been to a hardware store recently, you will know that the biggest problem in the lighting field is no longer compact fluorescent lamps, but LEDs. Cities in the United States have also noticed that they are converting millions of street lights into technology. This seems like a good thing considering the benefits of LEDs. After all, LEDslast is even longer than CFLs, and they use less energy. See also: having the most expensive and cheapest cars, but the American Medical Association is not very excited about the transition. They believe that lights can interfere with our sleep cycle and make us feel tired, depressed and obese. At last week’s annual meeting, AMA drafted a document that made some suggestions for the community to switch to new technologies. Bember Maya. Babu, M. D. , M. B. A. “Despite the benefits of energy efficiency, some LED lights are harmful when used as street lamps,” he explained. The new AMA guidelines encourage proper attention to optimal design and engineering features when converting to LED lighting to minimize harmful health and environmental impacts “. Detroit is the most dangerous city in the United States. What is the impact? This depends on the type of led used by the community. The worst impact has to do with fixtures that release a lot of blue light, which can lead to: an increase in melatonin at night, this affects the human sleep cycle disruption of local birds, insects, turtles and even worse, even if we lock the car indoors, the impact of the led on drivers and passengers remains — Especially if we have LEDs at home. According to AMA, “a recent large survey found that bright residential night lighting is related to reduced sleep time, discontent with sleep quality, excessive drowsiness, impaired daytime functioning and obesity “. Today, there are about 10% in the United States. S. The street lamp has been switched to LED technology. For the remaining 90%, AMA recommends that the community choose the lowest possible LEDs for Blu-ray emission to reduce glare and minimize the impact on melatonin levels.

How to choose quality led lighting suppliers?

When it comes to making sure your business has only the best supply, it’s important that you take a good look at the existing LED lighting suppliers. You don’t want to buy your product from a supplier with only a small selection or cheap premium supplies. In the long run, using inferior materials can cause you some potential problems.

Poor quality LED lighting products may mean safety risks or potential safety hazards. Low quality products may mean that you will spend more money over a period of time as you have to replace the damaged and faulty LED lights. Poor quality led products may mean that the supplier you are using is not as knowledgeable as you would like.

As a professional, you don’t want to do business with anyone or company that can’t be considered an expert in their field. If you need some advice or you have a question, it is very appropriate for someone with experience and qualifications to be able to provide you with an answer. You need to select the LED light supplier that can meet your needs. If you need a high quality led power supply and prefer a power supply with warranty or some kind of guarantee, your best choice is to use a well-known led supplier in China. The price is very reasonable and the quality and customer service are very good. Sometimes you may want quality, but you have to wait longer for the goods to arrive. For larger size LED lighting suppliers, you do not have to wait longer than any other product you may purchase. In fact, many of the larger well-known suppliers are able to speed up the delivery time of their preferred customers and offer special discounts.

As a professional, it is important not to use cheaper quality products. It’s not worth being able to put some money in your pocket or wait less time to get there. The more quality products you use, the more professional your work will be, helping you grow your business.

If you would like to avoid any delays in shipping and avoid paying too much for your supplies, Please purchase the supplies in advance. Then you will always be ready. If you don’t have the time or the quality of the lighting supplies, then you should use the LED lighting supplier that has been providing products and services to the industry for many years. with considerate LED lighting fixture solution would be much better. Their customer service and sales staff are very knowledgeable and qualified to help you meet any needs. You can build a very mutually beneficial relationship with your LED lighting supplier and get a return on that relationship.

Sumo: installation of led street lights soon | patna news – times of india

Patna: Deputy CM Sushil Kumar Modi said on Friday that as part of the National Plan for Central street lights, all municipal companies and city local agencies in the state will soon install LED street lights to save electricity (SLNP). Modi said the center placed more emphasis on replacing the country’s traditional light bulbs for street lamps with LED lights as it would save 9 billion units of electricity in the country. Energy efficiency Service Co. , Ltd (EESL) It is a joint venture of the public sector company of the Ministry of Electricity and will soon begin installing new LED street lamps in the state.

A survey by EESL in the area under the municipal company of Biharsharif shows that civic groups will save Rs 1. “By installing LED street lights, 31 crore per year,” Modi added . “. He added that after the state agreed to implement SLNP in the state, a memorandum of understanding (MoU) Will be signed with EESL in this regard. “In the three stages, LED lights will be installed on all electrical poles in the town. The street light will be replaced within 72 hours if needed, “said the CM representative. Modi added that EESL will enter into separate agreements with municipal companies and city local agencies to implement SLNP. The meeting held on Friday by state minister for urban development and housing Suresh Sharma discussed the outstanding features of the new facility.

The representative of EESL also attended the meeting. Officials say EESL will replace traditional street lights with LED lights in the first phase. In the second phase, LED lights will be fixed on all Poles without street lights. Finally, the pole will be erected in the untouched area of Phase 3 and LED lights will be installed. At the same time, the deputy minister was recently appointed as convener of the group of state finance ministers to study issues related to the GST Network (GSTN) Go to Bangladesh for a meeting on Friday. Download the India Times news app in the latest city.

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What are Ultraviolet Germicidal Lamps and how it works?

You might as well call them cleaning lights, because ultraviolet germicidal lamps also referred to as UV lamps, which are primarily utilized in air, food and water purification. These thin lamps emit bursts of ultraviolet light that apprehend the increase of bacteria. Not just do germicidal lamps have the capability to kill germs, but they also inhibit the development of some mildew and viruses from preventing DNA duplication. Let’s take a better look at these distinctive lamps and their applications.

How UV Lights Work

Germicidal UV lights are all easy devices created to operate around the clock to improve the air quality inside your home. Outside, high-energy UV beams generated by the sun neutralize airborne germs, bacteria, and fungi; inside, a germicidal lamp performs this exact same function as air from the forced-air heating and cooling system passes through the beam. Because UV light is so energetic, it interrupts or kills dangerous organisms before they could impact your health. Nowadays, UV lights are used in many different applications, including the sterilization of restaurant and hospital environments. Installing a germicidal UV light on your HVAC system offers you the same health benefits as well, reducing your chance of becoming sick as a result of exposure to germs in your home’s air. Because UV light kills mold spores, a UV light system can prevent mold buildup inside your HVAC system, your ducts, and anyplace in your house as well.


The UVGI procedure often occurs during the final phases of sanitizing. For example: Prior to meals being packed, some food items are subjected to ultraviolet lamps to be able to protect against the development of mould and bacteria. You may also find them being used in several of other locations within the food industry, such as salad bars, buffets and meat instances. Water supplies are similar in that, after being sanitized, water goes through a final UV treatment to remove any residual contamination. UVGI is the most frequent treatment and replaces using chlorine for a way to rid water . Though frequently utilized in waste water treatment, the lamps can be used for both commercial and domestic purposes. UVGI can also be utilized to disinfect air from airborne contaminants using a little fan that moves air through an internal UV chamber. When a room is totally closed off and vacant it can also be treated with germicidal lamps for a period of time. Air may also be purified while passing via a enclosed heating and ac system (HVAC). You will also find additional uses for germicidal lamps at scientific labs and healthcare facilities.


While there are lots of benefits to utilizing ultraviolet germicidal lamps for sanitation, there are a number of drawbacks too. Certain wavelengths of ultraviolet light are detrimental to humans and organisms. In some cases, exposure can result in severe burns, skin cancer, and even irreversible damage to the retina. Due to these problems, UVGI systems are typically stored in enclosed spaces. If individuals are in exposure areas they’re usually required to wear special clothes.

It should also be noted that because their effectiveness relies on emitting light, these lamps have to be cleaned and replaced often to operate correctly. If germicidal lamps are exposed to dust or another film that makes a coating on the bulb, then they won’t be as powerful.

What’s Involved in UV Light Installation

Germicidal UV lighting installation is a very simple and straightforward procedure. Once you’ve chosen the UV lamp you would like to put in, your HVAC service may finish this task during a single visit. Air is pushed by the air handler into your ducts following cooling and heating , so the placement of the lamp inside this location makes sure that the air circulated through your ducts is clean and germ-free. When the lamp is installed within the pit, it will remain lit 24 hours a day, cleaning your house’s atmosphere each time that your HVAC system strikes and sends air through your ducts into your living spaces. The typical energy cost to operate a germicidal UV lamp is below $30 a month, and the lamps are usually rated to last 1 year or more. Your UV bulb may be checked by your heating and ac service each time you schedule a maintenance trip and takes just seconds to substitute if necessary in this ceremony.

Helpful at the sanitation of a number of industries, ultraviolet germicidal lamps can halt the spread of bacteria and even viruses that are airborne. So next time you’re sipping a cold glass of water, then just remember it has probably noticed the light. What are your thoughts on ultraviolet germicidal lamps and the UVGI procedure? Contct Liangyueliang uv light manufacturers.

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Parameters and maintenance of Baoding solar street light

 Solar street lights are composed of the following parts: solar panels, solar controllers, battery packs, light sources, light poles and lamp housings. If the output power is AC 220V or 110V, you must also configure the inverter.

1.Solar panel

The solar panel is the core part of the solar street light and the high value part of the solar street light. Its role is to convert the radiant power of the sun into electrical energy or send it to a battery for storage. There are three types of solar cells, such as monocrystalline silicon solar cells, polycrystalline silicon solar cells, and amorphous silicon solar cells.

Solar controller

Regardless of the size of the solar light fixture, a good-performance charge-discharge controller is essential. In order to prolong the service life of the battery, its charging and discharging conditions must be restricted to prevent the battery from overcharging and deep charging.

3.Battery system

Since the input energy of a solar photovoltaic power generation system is extremely unstable, a battery system is generally required to work. Generally there are lead-acid batteries, Ni-Cd batteries, and Ni-H batteries.

4.Light source

What kind of light source is used for solar street lamps is an important indicator of whether the solar lamps can be used normally. Generally, solar lamps use low-voltage energy-saving lamps, low-pressure sodium lamps, electrodeless lamps, and DLED light sources.

5. Light pole and lamp housing

The height of the light pole should be determined according to the width of the road, the distance between the lamps and lanterns, and the illumination standard of the road. According to the information we have collected from many foreign solar lamp housings, between the aesthetics and energy saving, most of them choose to save energy. The appearance requirements of the lamps are not high and they are relatively practical.

Product parameters:

1. Main material: overall hot-dip galvanizing / plastic spray treatment of the lamp post, high rust resistance;

2. Solar cell module: crystalline silicon body 15-120W (configured according to load);

3. System working voltage: DC 12V-24V;

4. Controller: dedicated controller for solar lamps, light control + time control, intelligent control (the black light turns on automatically, and the light turns off automatically);

5. Energy storage battery: Fully enclosed maintenance-free lead-acid battery 12V17Ah—120Ah (based on load configuration);

6. Light source type: Highlight LED light source, 20-100W (can be configured according to customer requirements);

7, protection level: IP65;

8. Operating temperature: -30 degrees to 70 degrees, wind resistance ≥150Km / h;

9, lighting time: 4 to 14 hours (can be adjusted as required);

10. Light pole height: 2m ~ 12m (can be made according to customer requirements);

11, rainy and continuous work (can be produced according to customer requirements).


1. Easy installation, no need to lay complicated lines, just a cement base and fixing with screws;

2. Long-term benefits of free electricity charges, solar street lights are a one-time investment, no maintenance, and the investment cost is recovered in about 3 years;

3. The safety factor is high. The solar luminaire uses a safe DC power lower than 36V, and there is no hidden danger to personal safety.

4. Ultra-long life, the life of solar panels is 25 years; the average life of ultra-bright LED is more than 50,000 hours, and the life of solar special storage battery is 5-7 years

5, green, environmental protection, light protection vision without flicker, the light does not contain ultraviolet and infrared. The battery does not generate radiation and does not contain harmful elements such as mercury and lead, which is conducive to recycling and utilization.

Use environment:

1. Altitude: ≤5000M;

2. Ambient temperature: -50 ℃ _ + 70 ℃;

3. Design wind speed: 35m / s;

4. Relative humidity: 80;

5. Seismic intensity: Grade 8.


Mainly suitable for urban roads, community squares, industrial parks, tourist attractions, park green belts, new rural construction, mountain slopes, etc., most places lighting, lighting.

After-sales service plan and commitment:

1. Our unit will provide you with technical consulting services related to lighting engineering;

2. Our company supports and facilitates customers to track and supervise the product manufacturing process;

3. During product operation, our company regularly visits the designated responsible person according to the region to allow customers to quickly obtain the needs during product operation;

4. The warranty period is three years free of charge for repair and maintenance. During the warranty period, if the product quality fails (except for human damage), we will replace the damaged components and accessories for free;

5. Lifetime paid warranty. If the product has exceeded the warranty period during operation and there is damage to components and accessories, you only need to pay the material cost;

6. In order to maintain product technology continuity, the company supports customers to obtain cutting-edge information on the technology market within time, and helps customers to formulate operable equipment update programs in a targeted manner, sharing the convenience of technological advancement in lighting.